Asana Mobile


Reviewed September 15, 2014

★ Do Great Things ★
Asana is the shared task list for your team -- the place to plan, organize, and stay in sync on all your efforts.

- Better communication with less effort.
- More coordination with fewer meetings.
- Do what you love, not work about work.

★ Free!
Collaborate with up to 30 co-workers or friends for free

★ Key Features
- Add or Complete tasks while on-the-go
- It's fast: syncs in real-time with web view on
- Work with multiple teams or groups of people
- Create new tasks with one click, or email to
- Add comments in real-time on any task
- Edit Task Names
- Assign Tasks & Add Followers
- View Tags & People
- Create New Projects
- Delete Tasks

★ Reviews
"What separates Asana from the pack is the attention to speed" — BusinessWeek

"One thing you’ll notice throughout the experience: Asana is fast" — TechCrunch

"Really shines when you have a group of people to collaborate with" — lifehacker

"arguably the quickest, most adaptable project management app" — TechCrunch