Reviewed August 30, 2014

For a limited time try Checkmark for just 99¢!

Checkmark is the fastest way to remind yourself of all the things you have to do in your busy life.

Add location or date & time-based reminders in seconds – in only 3 taps!

Use Checkmark to remind yourself to:

• Do laundry when you get home
• Pick up milk next time you're at the grocery store
• Never miss your bus stop if you fall asleep
• Call your wife when you leave work
• Remember to pick up a cake at 3 pm tomorrow
• Make a haircut appointment on Tuesday at 10 am

You can even add a timer to location-based reminders so the alert goes off when you're ready to get it done.

We think you'll love using Checkmark. Give it a try :)

*Note: location-based reminders require iPhone 4 or 4S