Reviewed September 07, 2014

IMPORTANT: Mattebox is the ONLY camera on the App Store that immediately displays ISO, shutter speed and focal distance. But it does NOT allow you to manually control them. This is currently impossible. You have indirect control via the locking system.

ALSO: Some folks are confused by the video. Mattebox does NOT currently allow live image adjustments in the camera viewfinder. However, that is coming in an update.

• Sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Dropbox and possibly more.
• Realtime image adjustments in the viewfinder
• Help bubbles


Mattebox is the Photographer's mobile camera. Finally, a camera that gives you more control with fewer controls.

• Fantastic viewfinder with unobtrusive brightlines
• Innovative dual-stage shutter release gives you a built-in exposure and focus lock.
• One-touch white balance. Just tap, and it adjusts and locks there.
• See immediate shutter speed, focal distance and ISO feedback—for the first time ever!
• Six fantastic image adjustments are built-in, and are never more than a touch away.
• 32-bit per channel, linear light rendering, for photographically accurate results.
• Exposure adjustment features automatic highlight recovery
• Gestures allows you to control most adjustments without any distracting interface.
• Images render quickly, even at full resolution.
• Flash is DISABLED to emphasize available-light photography.