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Reviewed July 07, 2014

vTransit is a public transit app that works well with the Maps app in iOS 6.

After you set start and end point in Maps ,tap route, then choose vTransit,we will show you all possible routes.You can see detailed route info, including which bus to take, when the bus/metro leave a station.There is also navigation feature, so you can take an step by step view of the entire trip.

A bug's confession: you may see depart time a few hours early or late, this is a time zone bug in our app,but the routes are accurate.We fixed this bug and are waiting for Apple review.And we pledge to always be transparent about bugs and fix them ASAP.

Bus, train, light rail,metro,ferry and other public transit means are included in the search result.vTransit use data from Google Maps, so the data is very accurate.

vTransit is universal app, so you only buy once, and use it on both your iPhone and iPad.

If you have any problem ,please email us at , we reply to every email. Please list your city, start/end point, departing time and what the problem is.

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